Spring 2012: Recent shows, Recent customer feedback

Our booth at the Main show in Tucson 2012
We have had a great year so far. We set up in Tucson in room 169 at Tucson City Center (formerly Inn Suites), for two weeks and did very well. We followed it with the “double header,” of the Main show at the convention center for four days. They had ¬†improved attendance and we continued to sell massive amounts of material. During the show I met a friendly geologist who had mined in Chile in the late 1970′s. He had collected Atacamite there, and before I knew it I was out in the parking lot, checking out his collection. I bought it all on the spot, happy to score material that isn’t on the market and that is beautiful, sparkly green. For the first time I posted all the best specimens in one update, instead of spreading them out over months of updates. see update.
Pete cleans Atacamite, with a little helper

I continue to work on the updates, finding the web site is a wonderful medium to connect with collectors that we meet around the country at our mineral shows. I work hard to match the colors of the pics with the pieces, and to be forthright about any and all damage on each piece. Because I have a large inventory to choose from, I’m able to pick the very best examples that rarely have significant damage. I imagine I am receiving the item in the mail and looking at it for the first time and then I re-read the description. If I feel good about the accuracy, I move on to the next step. Here are some of the comments I have had recently regarding transactions online:

on 1/30/2012

Hey Pete,

Just got both Tourmalines in the mail. I must say, they are absolutely amazing! Both crystals, I can assure you will stay in my personal collection! Truly beautiful specimens…The Crystal Circle has absolutely grabbed my attention with the quality of the specimens that you guys are able to provide. I am quite sure, and very hopeful that we will do business again sometime soon! Thank you as always for your time. Much appreciated! Take care. -Eric from New York


I received my order (Greek adamite). We are VERY happy with it. Thanks!” — Penny (from Los Angeles)

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