2012 New York City Gem and Mineral Show

The New York Gem and Mineral show is (to my knowledge) the only mineral show in downtown New York City. Tony at Excalibur Minerals runs the show, with the support of the New York Mineral society and goes to significant effort to keep costs down for the dealers, as well as for the attendees ($6 entrance fee is cheap for any show, let alone NYC). It’s in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn on 440 west 57th st. midtown Manhattan. It’s not widely advertised, and many people in the area don’t know about it. It is a worthwhile show, and makes for a fun outing to see some hard-to-find minerals in a city that has everything (else).

There are about 20 – 25 mineral and jewelry dealers, featuring several well known mineral dealers.  We exhibit our minerals on 8 tables, including three custom made mineral showcases.  We’ll have several thousand thumbnail specimens, hundreds of species of worldwide minerals across a broad price range, a large selection of silver pendants, Worldwide Quartz, Atacamite, polished quartz, spheres and eggs on clearance, celestite geodes, moldavite, libyan desert glass, rhodochrosite, tourmaline and much more.

The Crystal Circle's large booth

a snapshot of our booth from the successful 2011 show

For the 2012 New York Gem and Mineral show, we will also have an extensive array of Quartz crystals and animal carvings (including Zuni Fetish carvings) from a large collection we acquired this summer. We also are offering new finds of fantastic Tanzanite crystals from Tanzania,  Scolecite sprays from a well pocket in India, as well as a new find of green apophyllite from India.

a fine example of this amazing contrast of color and form

This mineral show has become one of my favorites. I enjoy the cozy feel of the show, contrasted with the intense vertical skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan. I love the food in New York, and I enjoy getting to know New Yorkers and turning them on to our latest “finds.” We wish everyone the best in the city after dealing with Sandy! We trust the strong force of the men and women of New York to have power restored and most things up and running by the time of the show.

Our company is centered out of the midwest, and we often are told what reasonable prices we have on our minerals. Perhaps it’s a midwest thing, but for us it’s important to offer competitive, reasonable prices with the best quality we can possibly get our hands on.

Tanzanite with a gold crystal from Venezuela

The 2012 New York Gem and Mineral show happens at the Holiday Inn on 440 west 57th st. on Saturday, November 10th from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Sunday the 11th from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Adults are $6 children under 12 are free. You may contact Tony Nikischer at (914) 739 – 1134 for more information. There is a spring show as well, which we don’t currently attend due to space limitations (but we want to do that one too!)

Crystal Circle’s homepage

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