2015 New York Gem and Mineral Show in Midtown Manhattan

Fall of 2015 hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday November 14th, 2015, and Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM November 15th, 2015. It’s going to be held as always at the centrally located Holiday Inn on 440 west 57th st. midtown Manhattan, New York

The New York Gem and Mineral show is (to my knowledge) the only mineral show in downtown New York City. Tony at Excalibur Minerals runs the show, (http://www.excaliburmineral.com/shows.htm) with the support of the New York Mineral society and goes to significant effort to keep costs down for the dealers, as well as for the attendees ($6 entrance fee is cheap for any show, let alone NYC). It’s in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn on 440 west 57th st. midtown Manhattan. Unlike the NY/NJ Mineral, Fossil, Gem and Jewelry show that is at the NJ Expo Center in New Jersey, and run by Eons Expos, It’s not widely advertised, and many people in the area don’t know about it. It’s a cozy, worthwhile show, with good honest dealers, and a wonderful crowd of friendly knowledgeable club members who volunteer at the show to help educate guests which all makes for a fun outing to see some hard-to-find minerals in a city that has everything (else).

I just returned from the Munich Mineral and gem show, and I’m preparing a new selection of choice specimens for the show. Something quite unique are several Azurite pseudomorphs after linarite from Morocco. I have a great selection of Brandberg amethysts from Namibia, exquisitely clear Quartz from Penas Blancas, Columbia, a new kilo of emerald green Moldavites from Nesmen, Czech Republic, Gemmy yellow Libyan desert glass in all sizes. On the lapidary front, we have hundreds of new pendants including the best sunstone I’ve ever seen, moonstone, fluorite, and many more. I also recently picked up a collection of fetish carvings, and some interesting larger display pieces. My favorite piece from the Munich display area: A spectacular 5″+ Imperial topaz in Matrix from Auro Preto, Brazil.

Delightful masterpiece

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