Our Local Spring Mineral Sale is next week!

We’ve all been working as hard as we can, cleaning, trimming, mounting, labeling and pricing minerals! Next week we’ll set up at the Hannaford Suites in blue Ash, about 10 miles north of downtown, Cincinnati. We really enjoy the venue, as we are provided with over 18 tables in our own large conference room. We bring new finds from Tucscon, and lots of larger items we can’t fit into our typical setup at a major convention-center style mineral show.
Our Spring mineral sale in Cincinnati is also good for finding some real sleepers in our clearance area. We typically bring lots of odds and ends from collections we acquire through the year, and blow them out sometimes for 75% off. I’ve learned a long time ago how valuable it is to move material instead of storing it endlessly.
On our show schedule page, you can see the details and hours of the show. (march 18,19, and 20th)

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