Recent Customer Feedback

Hi Peter,

Received bab2 in the morning mail. Got to admit, it was good. Price was fair. There were 2 crystals I thought had damage but on careful examination at least one is just a crude formation of the crystal, the other may or may not be damage or growth problem. In any case, it doesn’t detract and I am very happy. It might not be OK if the piece was a miniature because those I require no discerable damage except at edges. 46 years of collecting made me fussy.

BTW, I rarely buy off the internet because my rate of returns is over 90%!! You must be doing something right! I will anxiously await new additions to your website.

My only suggestion is that wrapping the bab and putting it in the small parcel was a bag risk for a specimen that size. I hope you will consider more wrapping or double boxing larger fragile specimens in the future.

Again thanks,


Fred P.
Catonsville, MD

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