Opal (polished) from Jalisco, Mexico

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Opal (polished) from Jalisco, Mexico [db_pics/pics/opal3a.jpg] Opal (polished) from Jalisco, Mexico [db_pics/pics/opal3b.jpg] Opal (polished) from Jalisco, Mexico [db_pics/pics/opal3c.jpg]

OPAL3 - Opal (polished)
$ 245.00

Jalisco, Mexico
thumbnail - 2.6 x 1.4 x .9 cm

Mexican Opal from Jalisco is prized for its transparency, fire and stability. I acquire this opal directly from the miners, who cut and polish the pieces by hand. The opal forms in a reddish matrix and when extremely good pieces are found, they carve away the matrix, and polish the remaining opal. The net result is a totally unique, highly lustrous free form. It can be set in jewelry or left in its own case to be displayed. This excellent example weighs 10.90 carats. 

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