Quartz "Faden" from Dara Ismael Khan District, Waziristan, Pakistan

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Quartz Quartz Quartz

QUARTZ11 - Quartz "Faden"
$ 125.00 (=~ AUS$ 165.00)

Dara Ismael Khan District, Waziristan, Pakistan
thumbnail - 7.0 x 5.5 x 4.0 cm

I recently got this as part of a collection from the man who originally "found," this deposit in Pakistan about 11 years ago. He had a nice stash of unique pieces. This crystal group is really unusual because it exhibits both the tabular form right alongside a conventional prismatic Quartz crystal. The white center "line" down the center of the tabular crystal is called a Faden (in German this means "thread") it is the central line of growth that the crystal grows outward from. this piece sits nicely by itself and has unique character.

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